Champagne Cottage
Your luxury lifestyle Caribbean home for rent long term or short term.
on the beautiful island of Saba.
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Champagne Cottage
Privacy - Peace - Comfort - Spacious - Elegant
House Rental in the Caribbean

'Champagne Cottage' is one of the great luxury Caribbean house rentals of Saba and the right choice to celebrate fine living. Situated on 3.2 acres of gated land with a large, key shaped pool, lots of outdoor patio space and spectacular views.

Whale Mountain

Living here for 3 days, a week or a month you'll be in awe of Saba Caribbean Island and feel right at home. 'Champagne Cottage' is a 5 minute drive outside of Windwardside Village near Crispeen Trail & a short 15 minute ride from the airport.

This beautiful home is now being offered as a short term vacation rental ( three night minimum stay) Or... a long term rental (six months to one year contract lease.)

'Champagne Cottage' is your luxury lifestyle retreat. The perfect place to relax and reset yourself... to live a vibrant healthy lifestyle, in the heart of nature; belonging.. connecting... relaxing into your dreams... enhancing your essential self with what matters to you most.

Why not book it right now and vastly improve the quality of your life! Be changed for the better by Saba.


Local food was unusual and delicious. Great experience! Saba is a small island, but it is really intoxicating. It was an unforgettable experience - one of a kind. We were really happy to live there and spend time on Saba, with Michael & Albert… amazing hosts. Elena T - Medical Professional

DivingDo you love diving? Saba diving holidays are very popular is Saba is renowned for a world-class diving experience. Visit the wonderful Saba Marine Park which has both challenging & easy hiking trails. Check out the Saba Conservation Foundation website for loads of information on both activities and if you want to go diving, we would recommend reaching out to Sea Saba for the best experiences.